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Single Tenant 7-Eleven

Single Tenant 7-Eleven Property Profile and Cap Rates

Date February 10, 2017

Single Tenant 7-Eleven – Typical Property and Lease Terms

Price Range:$1mm - $3mm
Cap Rate:4.95%
Net Income:$125,000
Price Per foot:$400- $1100 PSF
Building Size:2,000-5,000 SF
Lot Size:1 Acre
Escalations:10% every 5 Years
Lease Term:15 Years
Lease Type:NNN or GL
Credit Rating:AA- (S&P)


Tenant Company Information


7-Eleven, Inc. operates, franchises, and licenses a chain of convenience stores in the United States, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. It offers bacons, eggs, cheeses, potato taquitos, seasoned sausages, breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and fresh fruits and salads. The company also offers off the shelf items, fresh-brewed coffees, frozen carbonated beverages, fountain drinks, baked goods, hot pizzas, chicken wings, private-label snacks, candies, grocery items, non-foods items, donuts, fritters, energy drinks, muffins, cold beers, cold single-serve bottled water, fridge items, hot drinks, fresh-grilled hot dogs, milk, phones, electronics items, console games, magazines, movie DVDs, newspapers, money orders, lottery tickets, prepaid cards, no contract wireless cards, sunglasses and gloves, health and beauty items, office supplies, household items, alcohol, and tobacco. In addition, the company offers gift cards with a focus on general use and digital entertainment that include gaming, music, video, smartphones, and other devices.